BPG bring considerable scale through our network. We form strong partnerships with like-minded organisations. Our culture of trust, common values and ideals with our partners means we can be open, honest and challenging.


A properly-tailored approach depends on the current state of the organization’s procurement operations, the company’s view of procurement, current market conditions, and the overall corporate strategy.
Our logistics specialists can diagnose and procure services in line with supply chain budgets. Our customers benefit from our scale.


BPG reviews, maps and implements optimisation strategies that are instrumental in the sucess of your business. Networks evolve through a series of discrete changes and developments. This results in:

  • * Increased service levels to the end customer
  • * Increased sales through to the end customer
  • * Reduced fulfilment costs / lead times
  • * Improved / expanded relationships
  • * Smoother demand patterns
  • * Elimination of human errors


Overseas market access requirements demand compliance for all international and domestic supply chains. BPG performs due diligence ensuring consistent flow through the regulatory process.


The success of your business is inseparably connected to the execution of your supply chain network . BPG provides new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness, executing an agile and flexible supply chain, dynamic in its performance and strong enough to accommodate the current and future business needs.


BPG manages a global platform of carefully selected vendors and leaders, who specialise in delivering a comprehensive service to the needs of BPG's individual customers. The ultimate goal is supply chain excellence, through the management of: Procurement, Relationships, Risk, Performance, Financial Controls, Compliance and Contract Management.

Our Mission

To deliver clientele a comprehensive service that spans the quantum of logistics options, being accountable for every aspect of service in delivery. Commercially aware and competitive within a framework, driven by high standards, ethics and above all, unquestionable integrity.;v;& 0z!/Ov3Z$bB9gi$50A(X22&V {>+Jq{xee}0RS]Xret